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I love and enjoy drawing, eating, music, drinking tea and occasionally getting lost (Its an Adventure!) .

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happy birthday, Vivien Leigh - on the centennial anniversary of this great actress’s birth, let us celebrate her luminous performances in A Streetcar Named Desire (a very deserving Best Actress Oscar win), St. Martin’s Lane (aka Sidewalks of London), Dark Journey and Fire Over England. I plan on seeing Gone with the Wind, Vivien’s other Oscar-winner and an epic in film history, later in the week; I’m really looking forward to that. She certainly had a unique and otherworldly beauty.

P.S. Every year, when it’s Vivien’s birthday, I remember my mother’s story about seeing her waiting for a taxi on a Manhattan street in the 60s, probably around the time that Tovarich was running on Broadway. It must have been a captivating sight.

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“You.. you have no traceable motive… Which is why you were so hard to see. You were just curious what I would do. Someone like me. Someone who thinks how I think. Wind him up and watch him go”.

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