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Hi~ Welcome to my blog. I have many obsessions ranging from art, movies, animals, food, ect.

I love and enjoy drawing, eating, music, drinking tea and occasionally getting lost (Its an Adventure!) .

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The Concept Art of Danny Gardener.

Danny Gardner is a concept artist working in the entertainment industry, having worked on projects such as Fox Studios’ Bones and Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2.  A master of many subjects, Danny can craft vehicles, landscapes, props and figures with equal finesse.  From sleek, stylish ships to strikingly detailed environments, you can view the whole of his portfolio at his website:

Danny Gardner (www.dannydraws.com)


Batman: Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game Concept Art by Alex Negrea.


Mass Effect 2. Miranda Lawson Concepts and Speed-Paints.


God of War III. Aphrodite’s Chambers, The Tartarus Door and Icarus’ Wings.


Concept Art by Cyril Tahmasseb.

Cyril Tahmassebi is a French concept artist and illustrator working in the entertainment industry. Cyril is currently working for game development studio Cyanide based in Paris, France.

(via alpha-minuz)